Our expertise

Employment law

Our employment law team provides advisory services to entrepreneurs, companies and organisations, as well as to employees and board of directors on all aspects of employment law (including dismissal) and employee participation law, and support these parties in legal procedures.


Our clients can always rely on: quick provision of services, proactive and pragmatic approach.

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Corporate law

Our corporate law team comprises experienced, seasoned lawyers. They are available for advice on a wide variety of topics with regards to corporate law. Whether by way of collaboration or mergers, reorganisation of a concern, intellectual property rights, or disputes regarding the direction of a company. We limit your risks, create legal structures on which you build your company. We assist with the development of your company from a legal point of view.

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Property law

Our real estate team advises everyone involved in real estate. From entrepreneurs buying a plot of land to build on a business space to companies and organisations renting a property. Many issues are involved: which permits are necessary? How do we minimise the liabilities? Before which term can this property be rented and what are the possibilities and still be flexible? The Valegis real estate team advices and litigates on all of these aspects of property law, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on other issues.

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Corporate Immigration

Our corporate immigration specialists provide advisory services with respect to corporate migration law and compliance as well as private immigration matters with the exclusion of asylum cases. From multinationals to SMEs, entrepreneurs and individual clients, we handle all immigration requirements. We provide our clients with full-fledged services, take care of application procedures, support our clients in legal procedures and act as compliance partner. Visit our website www.gatewaytoholland.com.

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