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The Dutch Data Protection Authorithy on how to work from home safely

Now that many people are working from home, it is extra important to consider whether the security of the data that is used is properly safeguarded. Not only with regard to the information that is shared, but also the manner in which this is done. Chat and videoconferencing services are used so much they become overloaded. The Dutch Data Protection Authority recently gave a number of tips on this subject; in brief:

  1. Work with and in a secure environment. Let employees log in via a secure connection to the network of the organization and preferably do not work with equipment that belongs to the employee personally.
  2. Protect sensitive documents; do not bring it outside the organization on paper or, for example, via an (non-encrypted) USB stick. Preferably keep everything on the network of the organization and only access the data via that network.
  3. Be aware that (especially free) chat and video conferencing services are not (always) properly secured. Do not discuss topics and data that are confidential and / or sensitive, via this kind of communication tools.
  4. Beware of cyber criminals, they also continue to work during this crisis.

These tips can be read on: Please note that this website is in Dutch though.

If you can, be sure to read this article on the website of the National Cyber Security Center, for a practical task list in the field of safe working from home, for both the employer and the employee

Have a successful and productive (working) day!


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