Corporate law

Our corporate law team comprises experienced, seasoned lawyers. They are available for advice on a wide variety of topics with regards to corporate law. Whether by way of collaboration or mergers, reorganisation of a concern, intellectual property rights, or disputes regarding the direction of a company. We limit your risks, create legal structures on which you build your company. We assist with the development of your company from a legal point of view.

We have extensive experience rendering services to family owned companies and are well known with the dynamics of international relationships. For a long period of time, we have among our clients large companies as well as one-man businesses. Our team looks after the clients’ best interests taking into consideration the expected company growth, the structure and turnover.

Our lawyers draw up (commercial) contracts, general terms and conditions and litigate in all appropriate disputes, if necessary. The team is known for its efficiency, accuracy, dedication to our clients, and creative approach.

Franchise and retail have our special attention. We call ourselves an expert in this area thanks to our years of experience. For more information about our franchise- and retail practise, please refer to our website


Our team has knowledge and experience with advising and litigating about the following topics:

  • Merger, acquisition, restructuring
  • Directors’ liability
  • Shareholders relations and disputes
  • Commercial contracts, amongst other franchise-, agent- and distribution agreement, general terms, confidentiality agreement (NDA’s), service level agreements (SLA’s), client engagement for professional services, license agreements and collaboration agreements
  • Intellectual property law
  • Protection of personal data/privacy
  • Debit
  • Setting up (international) structures

Our Corporate law team