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Commercial contracts

Commercial contracts are very important for your business

For you as an entrepreneur, commercial contracts are very important for your business: they form the relationship you have with your clients, suppliers, customers or other parties. With a good contract you can be ahead of any problems. And if things turn out differently than expected, the agreement will regulate how this should be solved.

Our corporate law team will be happy to help you negotiate, draw up and assess commercial contracts. In addition, we advise you on the execution and termination of contracts and assist you in any disputes that may arise in that context. We think along with you about your company’s needs and provide customised contracts. After all, every organisation and every situation requires and deserves its own approach.

As an entrepreneur, you may have to deal with a variety of contracts. For example, will your company be commissioned by another person or company or vice versa? Then you need a service or contracting agreement, or perhaps a distribution or agency agreement.

NDA and/or LOI

If you are still in the negotiation phase with your potential client or collaboration partner, it may be useful or necessary to draw up a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and/or Letter of Intent (LOI). If you have several clients or cooperation partners, it might be a good idea to start working with general terms and conditions. We will gladly advise you on all these agreements – and more!

Below you will find an overview of commercial contracts you can think of:

  • (Master) franchise agreements
  • Purchase and sale agreements
  • Licence agreements
  • General Terms and Conditions (both business to business and business to consumer)
  • Contracts for the commission or contracting of work
  • Distribution and agency contracts
  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDA)
  • Letters of intent (LOI)
  • Service Level Agreements (SLA) and Transitional Services Agreements (TSA)
  • Supply agreements (e.g. Preferred Supplier Agreements)
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