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Disputes and procedures

We look beyond the single dispute

We stand for pragmatism and a solution-oriented approach. This means that we look beyond the single dispute you have within a business relationship and that we take the commercial interest in maintaining the relationship into account. After all, a discussion won with the loss of the relationship does not always yield the maximum return.

However, it is no use crying over spilt milk. If it turns out that constructive consultation is not possible or that commercial solutions are not possible or desirable, we can quickly switch to legal action. After all, you want efficiency in the resolution of a dispute. You can count on specialist and dedicated assistance in both court proceedings and (international) arbitration tribunals.

Whether it concerns seizures, contractual disputes, debt collection, construction disputes, disputes in the agri and food sector, disputes in franchise relationships, directors’ liability, professional liability, government liability, employer liability or disputes with insurers, at Valegis Advocaten you are always assured of assistance by an experienced specialist.

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