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Civil servant law

The normalisation of the legal status of civil servants Act

As of 1 January 2020, the normalisation of the legal status of civil servants Act (Wnra) came into force. As a result, most civil servants, just like most employees, also have an employment contract. This does not apply to certain groups of civil servants, such as police officers, military officials, solicitors and bailiffs. They retain their appointment.

Employment law

The civil servants covered by the Wnra are subject to employment law. This means that the government employer does not take an unilateral dismissal decision, but must conduct a dismissal procedure at the UWV or the subdistrict court. This is only different in specific cases, such as summary dismissal or dismissal during the probationary period. More information about employment law can be found here. This also means that objections and appeals are no longer lodged, but that the civil servant can turn to the subdistrict court for most proceedings.

The legal status regulations are only still in force if no collective labour agreement has been concluded between the unions and the government employer. CLAs that have already been concluded often contain provisions on severance pay, which may be due in addition to the transition fee, depending on the ground for dismissal.

Civil servant Act

Civil servants are still subject to the civil servant Act, even if they have an employment contract. The civil servant Act lays down special obligations for civil servants and government employers. These include provisions relating to taking the oath or the promise, confidentiality and integrity.

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