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Education law

Public education and special education

Education staff

For a long time there was a difference between employees in public education and special education; employees in public education were civil servants and employees in special education were employees. As of 2020, this difference has been levelled out. All employees in public education and in special education are now employees.

Employment law

Because the educational staff are employees, employment law applies to them. This means that the employer cannot make a unilateral dismissal decision, but must conduct a dismissal procedure with the UWV or the cantonal court. This is only different in specific cases, for example in the event of summary dismissal or dismissal during the probationary period. More information about employment law can be found here.


The terms of employment for education are regulated in the various education CLAs. For example, there is a CLA for primary education and one for secondary education, but the MBO, HBO and WO also have their own CLA. These CLAs all have their own terms of employment and regulations, on which we can advise you.

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