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Contracts and General Terms and Conditions

Various franchise contracts

In the context of franchising, one has to deal with various types of contracts, starting of course with the (master) franchise agreement. Valegis Advocaten’s franchise team is seasoned in drafting and advising on (master) franchise agreements, both nationally and internationally. But of course it doesn’t stop there.

During the negotiation phase of a new franchise agreement, a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) or a letter of intent (LOI/MOU) is often concluded first. It is possible that the franchisor also leases business premises to a franchisee and therefore a rental agreement is needed or that the franchisor provides certain services to franchisees and therefore a Service Level Agreement (SLA) is needed.

Purchase agreements, general terms and conditions, joint venture agreements, development agreements and licence agreements also occur on a regular basis. It is expected that location studies will become increasingly important.

Every situation requires a different contract. A simple template that was once drawn up by a lawyer or jurist is therefore often not sufficient, because it does not take into account the actual relationship between the parties and the particularities that may play a role in a specific case. Valegis Advocaten’s franchise team has extensive experience in drafting all kinds of contracts and custom-makes every contract.

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