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Service Level Agreements (SLA)

The SLA is a general contract

The SLA is a general contract that defines which services are provided at what price. Depending on the sector in which the parties are active, the content of the SLA also varies. Of course, the right to support also has a counterforce in the form of the obligation to also implement certain services.

The SLA is found in the ICT sector, but nowadays many more sectors have SLAs. Products are sold with certain services linked to them. The scope of these services is yet to be determined, as is the price. All in all, this ensures that an SLA is usually a custom contract with recurring elements.

There are often general conditions attached to the SLA that also require legal attention. If a part of the services is purchased via an app or internet-based, we also monitor whether the rules that apply to this are complied with. And, of course, we also take care of the limitations of liability that form a part of this type of contract.

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