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Intellectual Property Rights & ICT law

Specialised in intellectual property rights & ICT law

Intellectual property is an important asset of almost every company. Whether it concerns the brands and formulas with which a company distinguishes its activities, the creation of new products or software or the creation of literature or art. Examples include trademarks, trade names, copyrights, models, patents and plant growers’ rights.

Trademarks actually play a role for every company or institution and form part of the goodwill. We are often involved in licensing structures, but also trademark infringements which, for example, need to be dealt with in summary proceedings are part of our practice. We are happy to assist inventors and start-ups, even if the budgets for the protection of IP rights are still limited.

Our specialists have experience in the field of intellectual property and ICT and know where significant added value can be achieved at each stage of the life cycle of a company’s products and services. From the protection of concepts and creations to the exploitation and enforcement of intellectual property rights. Thanks to our international Pangea network, we can also operate internationally in IP matters.  we can also operate internationally in IP matters.

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