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Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A)

Company acquisition or company merger?

Mergers and acquisitions (or M&A) are usually intensive and complex transactions that require a hands-on mentality from lawyers. It is important to pay attention to detail, but it is also important to think ahead and work in a process-oriented way.

Our M&A team has extensive experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions and is characterised by a practical and decisive approach. Depending on the size of the case, we work intensively with you individually or in teams to achieve the desired result. If necessary, we also involve (your) external advisors, such as notaries, accountants, tax specialists and/or corporate finance advisers.

Supervising a legal merger or acquisition

We supervise all legal aspects of a merger or acquisition, from beginning to end, from letter of intent to closing. We also conduct a due diligence investigation and report our findings.

Closely related to and regularly a consequence of M&A is the restructuring of a legal entity, company or group company. Our M&A team knows when it is necessary to reorganise the organisational relationship between legal entities or companies and is also your experienced sparring partner and advisor in this respect. Moreover, the knowledge of our employment law team means that Valegis Advocaten can also assist you from A to Z in the event of a reorganisation resulting from restructuring.

‘We have extensive experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions and are characterised by a practical and decisive approach.'

A selection of recent M&A cases

In the below mergers and acquisitions, among others, we have supervised and advised on all legal aspects connected to a merger or takeover, from beginning to end, from letter of intent to closing.

sale of 100% of an IT company in Amsterdam
Cure an care
takeover of a healthcare product
sale of a specialized family owned logistics company
High Tech
acquisition of an intelligent hardware and software company
Fast food franchise
refranchising and selling the restaurants of an international fast food chain
Acquisition of franchise offices
purchase of several franchised restaurants via asset transactions
acquisition of a specialized IT company that is market leader
Acquisition of real estate maintenance portfolio
purchase of maintenance portfolio for market leader in real estate management
procurement through mergers of several subsidiaries after worldwide acquisition
Purchase recreation (holiday resort)
management buy-out in the leisure sector
Hospitality sector
procurement of several bars and restaurants in one deal
sale of a small IT service provider
Management buy-out
buy-out of 50% shareholder in a competitive market
acquisition of 100% shares of an IT company owned by a family
acquisition of a franchise chain
acquisition of 100% shares of an IT company owned by a family
selling 100% of the shares in the online gaming industry
Ownership and self memory
sale of real estate and the warehousing company located in the real estate
Betting industry
sale of 100% shares in an international company in the betting industry
merger of three family companies active in many countries, market leader
purchase of several restaurants connected to a global chain
management buy-out in financial services

Team mergers & acquisitions (M&A)

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Partner / Lawyer

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