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Enforceable title

Do invoices remain unpaid for a long time and is debt collection necessary? Does a business relation refuse to honour the agreements made? Has there been any error in the formation of an agreement? Is it not possible to find a mutual solution to a dispute? If so, legal proceedings can be conducted in court in order to obtain a conviction or to obtain clarity about a legal relationship by means of declaratory judgment.

The judgment of the judge, as laid down in a verdict, serves as a title to proceed to execution with the help of a bailiff. Also, going to court can prevent a claim from lapsing.

Not only have we successfully obtained enforceable titles for our clients, our litigation team also has considerable experience in defending clients who have been summoned to appear as defendants in legal proceedings.

Legal authorities

Our litigation team represents the interests of our clients in a variety of legal bodies, such as:

  • the subdistrict court (in consumer purchase, rental, agency and employment law cases and other claims under EUR 25,000);
  • the court (civil commercial cases);
  • courts of appeal;
  • the Enterprise Chamber (disputes in Dutch companies, such as disputes between shareholders about the annual accounts or to test the conduct of the company by making use of the right of inquiry);
  • The Netherlands Commercial court (for international trade disputes, where the possibility exists to litigate in English).

The jurisprudence is moving. Under the heading ‘socially effective jurisprudence’, various courts are devising projects to bring the judiciary more in line with practice. Valegis is moving along with the jurisprudence. For example, by making use of the abridged civil procedure at the Court of Amsterdam – within the time that normally applies to summary proceedings in which only provisional decisions can be obtained – we can obtain a judgment for our clients with binding force.

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