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Real estate law

Leading in real estate law

The real estate team advises anyone who comes into contact with real estate. From entrepreneurs who want to buy a plot of land to build a business space on, to companies and institutions who want to rent (out) a building. This involves a lot. Which permits are required? Are your rights well protected in a written agreement?  What is the most favourable rental period and what possibilities do I incorporate to still be flexible? Valegis’ real estate lawyers advise and litigate on all these aspects of real estate law, so that the entrepreneur can focus on what is really important to him: entrepreneurship.

Private individuals and owners associations (VvE)

Private individuals also have to deal with real estate, for example, because as the buyer of a house they discover that there is wood fungus in the floor or because they are held liable as a seller. Or when, as the owner of an apartment, they want to build a roof terrace and are confronted with an owners association that does not give permission to do so. We not only provide entrepreneurs, but also private individuals and owners associations with practical advice on real estate law.

We specialize in property law

In addition to advising and litigating on real estate, the lawyers are also involved in giving courses on these subjects to municipalities, housing corporations, healthcare institutions, etc.

The lawyers are actively involved in their field of law and regularly publish in professional journals on important subjects, not shying away from taking a critical attitude towards legislation and regulations.

The activities of our real estate team can be divided into the following topics:

The real estate team advises and litigates for housing corporations

The real estate team advises and litigates for housing corporations in a variety of matters such as large-scale maintenance and renovation projects, agreements with a residential care combination, housing fraud cases, drawing up rental contracts, general rental conditions, etc.<span

Our team is so well-established in the housing corporation world that we are regularly asked to advise at policy level as well. Due to years of experience in working for housing corporations, our lawyers are regularly asked to work for a housing corporation on an interim basis.<span

Advising healthcare institutions is a separate kind of sport

Advising healthcare institutions is a separate kind of sport, in which many aspects of real estate law play a role.

Purchasing and selling land and buildings, establishing rights in rem, drawing up residential care contracts, advising on collaboration agreements, advising on the development of (residential) care complexes and assisting with compliance with municipal regulations are tasks that many care institutions entrust to us.

Franchise organisations also have to deal with real estate law.

Franchise organisations also have to deal with real estate law.

Our lawyers regularly advise and assist in the purchase of land or buildings, in applying for (environmental and operating) permits, in drawing up franchise and rental contracts and in linking these two.

Team property law

Armando Mosele

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