Construction law

Numerous aspects are linked to the development of a structuren

Numerous aspects are linked to the development of a structure. Before you start building, you need to check whether permits are required in order to eventually be able to build the structure. The destination of the structure must be in accordance with the zoning plan. In addition, one or more contracts must be drawn up with various parties involved in the project. For example, a contractor contract, anterior contract, cooperation agreement, assignment contract (e.g. with the architect) and project development agreement. After the contracts have been signed and the project is carried out, situations may arise in which legal advice is necessary. Think for example of mistakes made or serious delays during construction.

Valegis Advocaten can help you with practical advice and, if necessary, assist you in legal proceedings.

Of course, our clients prefer that these problems do not arise at all. So do we. That is why it is important that you arrange legal matters properly at an early stage. Valegis Advocaten can provide you with professional and practical advice, especially in that (contractual) preliminary phase. Because with a good contract in advance, you avoid many problems afterwards.

Within the field of construction law, we can, among other things, perform the following activities for you:

  • Drawing up and assessing contracts with third parties, e.g. contracting work;
  • Instituting and defending claims for damages;
  • Advising and assisting in problems with payment;
  • Advising on (completion) defects;
  • Conducting legal proceedings, both at arbitration institutes and in court.

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