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How does Covid-19 affect the employment relationship in Europe?!

An update

Due to the coronavirus practically everybody faces tough and often unprecedented challenges. Many governments throughout the world have issued (temporary) emergency measures aimed at minimizing the consequences of the crisis.

In order to inform you as adequately as possible on these measures Valegis Advocaten recently teamed up with their fellow law firms of Pangea Net.

This fruitful collaboration led to an overview of the emergency measures related to employment law that have been implemented in the jurisdictions covered by the Pangea Net law firms. Since the Covid-19 crisis continues, we have now composed an updated overview on these emergency measures. You can read our new overview here.

In these times developments go very fast and things change on a daily base. This could also apply to each of the measures included in this overview. We therefore recommend you to use this overview mainly to get a basic understanding of such measures and to reach out to us in case you have any specific questions related to one or more of the jurisdictions included in this updated overview.

Warm regards and stay safe!

On behalf of the Employment law team of Valegis Advocaten,

Carolien Brederije, Reinier Wolters, Daniëlle Edelenbosch, Natascha Niewold, Dick van Deventer & Rigje Rosier

Valegis Advocaten

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