Myrthe Steenhuis


Myrthe S.J. Steenhuis has been a lawyer since 1998. She specialises in franchise law and employment law.

Myrthe specialises in advising, litigating and negotiating on all issues that are linked to franchise, such as: forecasting issues, competition clauses, competition law issues and, of course, the consequences of the Franchise Act for franchise organisations. Myrthe has been part of the Legislation & Self-Regulation Committee of the NFV since 2016. In addition, Myrthe is a member of the DFA Association (the Association for Distribution, Franchise and Agency Law).
Labour law is Myrthe’s other specialisation. In 2006, she completed the Post-Academic Course in Employment Law (PALA) at the University of Rotterdam & the Hugo Sinzheimer Institute. For many years she has advised and litigated on behalf of her clients on various employment law issues.

Despite the diversity of the areas of law, there are also many common ground; a (legal) relationship that is not equal by definition. Above all, Myrthe is a sparring partner for her clients; pragmatic, clear and solution-oriented.

Myrthe likes to give seminars and workshops on a regular basis. Myrthe is a member of the Dutch Employment Lawyers Association (VAAN).

Myrthe has been associated with Valegis Advocaten since October 2020.


  • Employment law
  • Franchise

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