Property law

Our real estate team advises everyone involved in real estate. From entrepreneurs buying a plot of land to build on a business space to companies and organisations renting a property. Many issues are involved: which permits are necessary? How do we minimise the liabilities? Before which term can this property be rented and what are the possibilities and still be flexible? The Valegis real estate team advices and litigates on all of these aspects of property law, allowing the entrepreneur to focus on other issues.

Private individuals are also faced with real estate, for example, two months after having bought a house, they find out that there is wood worm in the floor, or just because they are liable as seller of the house. Or if – as owner of an apartment – being confronted by the association of owners (VVE) who has given no permission for building a top roof terrace. Private individuals and association of owners (VVE) are provided with tailored advice.


The property law activities are to be divided into the following topics:

  • Property law housing / business area
  • Construction law
  • Sale and purchase of real estate
  • Environmental law
  • Business law, easements, rights of way, etc.

A number of institutions/companies have our special attention:

Our real estate team advises and litigates in various cases for housing corporations, such as large maintenance and renovations projects, residential fraud, drafting rental agreements, agreements in combination with housing and care, general terms of rental, etc. Advice on policy level is also possible, because our team is so much integrated in the world of corporations. Because of our years of experience working for housing corporations, our lawyers are often asked to work as an interim lawyer for the housing corporation.

A different discipline is advice for health care institutions. Many aspects play a role in real estate and rental law. Drafting housing-care agreements, advise on development of (housing) care complexes and guidance with municipality regulations. These issues are already entrusted to us by many health care institutions.

Franchise organisations are also involved with real estate and rental law. Our lawyers advise regularly about the combination of franchise and real estate agreements and all other aspects with regard to franchise and real estate.

Our property law team