Facility management & ICT sector team

Facility management and ICT are the backbone of every company; without these divisions, companies and organisations wouldn’t be able to function. Facility management also encompasses a large number of support services in companies such as catering, security, cleaning and ICT. These services companies with the support they need to carry out their core tasks.

The sector is currently facing challenges, however. The integrated approach between various service providers, the increasing use of technology and the need for cost management are topics the sector keeps a close eye on. This presents opportunities but also threats. The ability to remain flexible and resilient is crucial, and those who cannot respond fast enough to technological and other changes and adapt to clients’ needs run the risk of missing the boat.

This is why you need a law firm that not only knows your company but is also aware of the trends in the sector so that we can work closely with you and shift gears quickly if necessary. Valegis Advocaten is that law firm.

The Facility management sector team has extensive experience in advising facility management organisations involved in disputes with or about employees (illness, CLAs and dismissals, for example), contracts between companies and other legal problems you might be facing.