Franchise & Retail sector team

Valegis Advocaten is managed by founder Tim van der Maas, a lawyer with a proven track record in the franchise sector. Our clients include franchise chains active on a global level as well as Dutch formulas. We provide these parties with services in all of the standard legal areas. In other words, we don’t just draft franchise contracts, but also provide the following services:

  • Setting up the appropriate legal and tax-related structures;
  • Purchasing contracts and general terms and conditions;
  • Disputes between franchisers and franchisees;
  • Internationalisation of formulas;
  • Master franchise agreements;
  • Non-disclosure agreements;
  • Letters of intent;
  • Refranchising procedures and remodelling requirements;
  • (Sub)lease, sales and development contracts;
  • Permits;
  • All employment-law-related services;
  • Franchise boards and consultative bodies;
  • Intellectual property rights including trademark law;
  • Acquisitions and sale of formulas and branches.

A franchise is a unique type of partnership that is regularly featured in the media due to the constant developments in this legal field. The (planned) codification of the Dutch Franchise Code is just one example of these changes. Valegis Advocaten remains up-to-date in this field through contacts with market parties and other stakeholders and is actively involved in lobbying.

We also regularly provide services for (large) foreign formulas.