Production & (Agri) Industry sector team

The agricultural and food sector is a very dynamic one in which cross-border interests often play a role. Entrepreneurs in this sector often face complex legal matters involving property, financing structures, national and international contracting, the purchase and sale of energy, business structuring and succession, insurance contracts, employment law and liability law. Multidisciplinary legal assistance is indispensable in this sector.

Valegis Advocaten has in-house specialists to provide a full-service package for entrepreneurs in the agri- and food sector. The Valegis lawyers aren’t just satisfied with legal expertise or general sector knowledge however. After all, providing effective service starts with knowing the client’s business. At Valegis, we realise how important this is, and this is why we regularly visit our clients in the agri- and food sector for an informal chat, even if there isn’t a pressing legal reason to do so. When our lawyers understand the entrepreneur’s language and is up-to-date on events at the company, it makes it easier for them to quickly switch gears if necessary.