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Sector team construction, real estate & housing associations

We know all about real estate & housing associations

The sector team consists of lawyers who specialise in a variety of areas of law and who therefore master various disciplines of construction law and real estate.

From the pre-contractual phase up to and including the signing and execution of the contracts, Valegis Advocaten assists its clients during the (sometimes long) trajectories of contract negotiations and collaborations.  Many parties are involved in this trajectory, such as municipalities (permits), (sub)contractors, (foreign) employees, investors and suppliers.

The lawyers in this team have broad practical experience and specialist knowledge of these processes and advise, amongst other things, on the content of the contracts, possible liability issues, applications for permits and employment law possibilities and risks. This enables us to respond quickly and efficiently, whereby the pragmatic solution is preferable, provided it is in the client’s interest.

Legal affairs

Many years of experience working for housing corporations

We know all about Housing corporations. Thanks to our many years of experience working for housing corporations, we are familiar with the public housing sector and the associated issues.

We know what is going on and, amongst other things, are involved in legal matters regarding:

  • Living space
  • Business premises
  • the Housing Act
  • SGEI / non-SGEI
  • Governance
  • Privacy
  • Questions and disputes in the field of administrative law (e.g. permits)
  • Living and Healthcare
  • Purchase / sale of real estate
  • Renovation
  • Urgent work
  • Asbestos
  • Defects
  • Housing fraud
  • Nuisance
  • Co-tenancy

Contact person for this sectorteam

The team advises on issues such as privacy, employment law, employee participation, real estate and governance.

Armando Mosele

Partner / Lawyer

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