Sport & Leisure sector team

In sports, performance is everything, and this applies to athletes, teams, clubs and/or associations. There is often not enough focus on legal matters in the sports sector simply because people active in this area do not want to have to think about this; their minds are on the sport.

The Valegis team takes all legal matters off your hands so you can continue to focus on what you do best. If you have questions about players’ contracts, employment contracts for other staff, governance within clubs, intellectual property rights or sponsoring, Valegis has the expertise to provide you with practical advice.

Valegis has specialised knowledge on the international football world. Our lawyer Thijs Kroese is the co-founder and editor of DRC Database ( This database contains summaries of all the decisions handed down by the Dispute Resolution Chamber of FIFA, the world football association, including comments where necessary. If you are involved in legal proceedings in the football sector, whether these are adjudicated in the regular court system or put before the arbitration board of the KNVB (Royal Dutch Football Association), FIFA’s DRC or the Court of Arbitration for Sport, you are in excellent hands at Valegis.

Thanks to our international network Pangea Net, we also have connections with attorneys specialised in sports law from countries all over the world such as Switzerland. The laws of Switzerland are of vital importance in international sports law since this is usually where arbitration proceedings are held.


The sports world is an active, dynamic environment where every performance and development can set the sector in motion. A prime example is the rise of the second division in football. This additional division has given amateur clubs that perform well the opportunity to ultimately shift to the paid football arena. This is a fantastic goal, but those involved must also take the legal challenges and risks into consideration during these developments.

Would you like to know more about your own legal status or that of your organisation, or are you planning to take an important business decision? Our Sports sector team can help sports clubs, amateur or professional athletes, umbrella organisations, sponsors, amateur or professional sports associations and other parties active in the sports sector with the following:

  • Drafting and editing agreements (such as football transfer agreements and sponsoring and merchandising contracts)
  • Employment-law matters involving athletes and sports associations
  • Liability and insurance aspects (such as advising on directors’ and officers’ liability and general liability matters affecting sports associations)
  • Disciplinary proceedings (assisting athletes in legal proceedings involving violations of regulations)
  • Advice on copyright and portrait rights matters
  • Advice on matters involving the organisation and (re-)structuring of sports associations