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Fleur van Bree


Fleur van Bree (1974) has been a lawyer since 1998 and joined Valegis in 2016. Fleur is specialized in civil servants law and employment law. Her clients are –amongst others- of course civil servants, government agencies, health care institutions, schools and teaching institutes. Fleur has substantive experience in various legal proceedings including cassations. From 2005, Fleur lived in Istanbul, Turkey during which period she worked as a teacher and as a self-employed lawyer. Therefore, she has good knowledge of the Turkish language. She picked up working in a law office again after her return to The Netherlands in 2014 .

Fleur is a member of the VAAN (Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Avocaten Nederland [Association of employment law lawyers The Netherlands]), de VHA (Vereniging Haagse Arbeidsrechtadvocaten [Association of employment law lawyers The Hague]) and in addition active in various networks. She is also a board member of the Festival Classique Foundation.


  • Civil servants law
  • Employment law
  • Educational Law


T: + 31 (0)6 51 08 66 65
E: f.vanbree@valegis.com

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