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From 1 March 2020, employers and self-employed persons from the European Union are required to report cross-border services or posting of employees to the Netherlands.

The notification must be made no later than before the start of the work via an online reporting desk With the introduction of the reporting obligation, the separate notification obligation at UWV for posted non-EU citizens ends. Recipients of the services have a monitoring obligation, so alertness is also required for companies established in the Netherlands! Enforcement involves an administrative fine of EUR 12,000 per case for which circumstances can be presented for mitigation.

WagwEU meldplicht Valegis Advocaten

The WagwEU implements the EU Posting of Workers and Enforcement Directives, which aim to guarantee at least the hard core of employment conditions applicable in the host country to those carrying out services in the host country. In accordance with the new Posting of Workers Directive, further measures will follow this year (2020) with the aim to offering posted workers equality in pay.

WagwEU meldplicht Valegis Advocaten

This article is written by: Reinier Wolters


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